Thursday, January 20, 2011


its has been 4 days since last i kick the ball..bila 2??game terakhir Medcy..sometimes i feel like i don't want to play football anymore..its too frustrating to me..but if i think it again,this is life..don't look back anymore,look forward..arrrgghhh!!!easy to talk,hard to do it..

maybe the the only reason that i feel frustrated is because we have been eliminated because of luck..the first game,medcy vs presss..we should have win..we attack,possess the ball..the opponent cannot make an attack towards our goalkeeper..but the last 10 minute,with the only attack that they have,they score..and then we draw..its too frustrating actually..

second game vs HS..from the first minute,the opponent try to play psychology with us..they shout,they belittle us..and then we score..waaa!!!!aku pun menjerit kegembiraan..sangat2 gembira sebab kami dapat senyapkan diorang..then one of the opponent said.."baru 1 gol"...and a few minutes after that,we score another goal..this time we shout it loudly..that night match is very tense..everyone like just want to kick their opponent..they have a goal from a corner in the second half..actually,its my fault..i not mark the scorer properly..before that goal,i should have score from manap cross..arrgghhh!!!how come i can't touch the ball..hanya sentuh hujung kaki je dan gol..if it have been 3-0 up,it will change everything..the mistake and the miss opportunity has cost us to qualified for the second fault..

the last game..this is to bitter to swallow..we lost 2-0,the goalkeeper humiliated me..i cannot get the ball..i feel like i cannot contributed to the a striker,i should have done better..kalau x dapat bola sekalipun,at least aku dapat kucar-kacirkan defence dyorg..thats another reason that cause me frustrated..

menangis air mata darah sekalipun,still cannot change anything..maybe i have put a lot of hope for this tournament..pernah skali aku sanngup extend semata-mata nak main SMAC..sanggup ponteng kelas semata-mata untuk friendly..and many more..i put a lot of hope and thats why i frustrated a lot than others..i cry when the others don't..

anyway,thanks to all my friends because give me support when i am in really low in spirit..there are too many of them..i appreciate it a lot..thanks!!!

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