Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back to 2010

2010 has gone with bad and good memory with it..some of it makes me cry,some of it makes me happy..some of it makes me feel nothing..anyway,this is is about making experience and take advantage from matter how bad the experience,we should not take it as the down of our life..take it as an adventure..if you lost hope,then make Allah as the place for you to tell...

2010 most memorable memory...
-i feel complete because i get what i want..13/12/2010 is the day that i will remember..and i will try to take care of it the best that i could..:D
-break relationship with my best friend..maybe that is my fault because i give high hope..
-my father makes me surprise that finally we got a new big more complain about uncomfortable when travelling
-finally i can taste the feeling in becoming champion..although it is not the ending that i want,but we are champion..thats matter
-cry to my mum because of physics..the demanding pointer to pass pharmacy makes me that time,i dont pass the 3.5..and now it is the same..but now i feel more calm to face it because of practising solat can give us more calm to face problem..
-have an accident with another car when parking...haha..still trauma to park car..

i don't think there is another memorable memory..hehe..happy reading:D:D:D:D

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