Friday, January 7, 2011

please,give me one more chances

Ya Allah
You know what i have been through in football..You know how much i suffer from that incident..You know how much i really2 want to redeem my past mistake.You also know how hard i work for this tournament..i just want to prove that i also have an ability in playing in a big tournament.You know how important this SMAC for me..please Ya Allah,give me one more me being the 1st eleven in the Medcy football team..i just want to forget the past keep haunting me Ya Allah..if i get the chances,i will try my best to use it..i will play well and give my all for this tournament..i just want one more chances..just one more chance..i beg you ya Allah..i really2 want it..i really2 hope for it..please..

1 comment:

  1. disappointment is painful. get over it by believing that Allah always love those who love Him. keep loving Him, insyaAllah you'll get your second chance. ;)